Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Vodafone commercials

Ok.. this is going to be a small post.. trying to catch a movie.. Three Kings.. Saw half earlier.. saw the first half again today.. the minute we got to second half.. i got a call (this always happens to me without fail) .. was catching up with an old friend... did see glimpses of the movie.. Mark Wahlberg being made to drink oil , tortured etc etc... but i still want to know what happens in the end.. posting during the commercial break!!!

Many minutes later....
Saw the movie.. got the basic gist.. i think i should watch it again... its a good movie!!!

So, the vodafone campaign.. very very cute.. esp the.. no wait.. that one.. all of them.. yeah!!! All of them.. whichever i can remember.. there is this boy-girl one which i find amazingly cute.. she sms's "dhal gaya din" and the boy types "tak" and so on.. they complete the badminton song!! Another one was 2 friends smsing random stuff!!!

I am definitely the TG for this campaign.. i sms a lot..
Hang on... most of my messages are STD .. i think the campaign talks about local smsing... whatever!!!

The campaign reminds me of myself!!!!! The days i used to sms my husband when we were dating!!! I meant in terms of the number of messages exchanged.. and yeah, the small aaltu faaltu messages you do tend to exchange during that stage of life!!!

Even now many a days.... i exchange about 50-60 sms's with close friends of mine... I remember once when we were in Bombay one evening exchanged about 70 odd messages about various TV shows that me and my friend were watching at the same time!!!!!

Its good fun!!!! I really look forward to my phone pinging to show that i have received an sms!!! And most of the times i am happy to receive it too!!!! :) That secret smile on the face when you receive an sms... that you dont want to share with anyone!! Hmmmm :) Its nice!!!


Scarlett said...

Does 'Three Kings' also have Brad Pitt in it?
I love receiving SMSes too! Actually more than I like getting calls. Calls are good but there are times when you're either busy or not in a mood to talk. SMSes give you your space & time to react :)

Moonshine said...

Thats precisely why i like sms's.. you can read and reply whenever you want.. BTW was going to call you!!! ;)

Three Kings has George Clooney, no Brad Pitt!

Scarlett said...

You can call anytime. I'll take your call :)

Scarlett said...

Re: Three Kings - George Clooney, yeah. Thought it had one hot guy, couldn't remember which one ;)

The latest dope on George Clooney is that he's dating Fatime Bhutto!!!

Moonshine said...

Really?????? Thought he was dating some waitress or something!!

Scarlett said...

He broke up with the waitress.

Anonymous said...

Hey..I love SMSs too...I love my phone buzzing during class and getting SMSs..especially if its one of my classmates bitching about the prof..hehe
I am an SMS junkie now.
I miss u Naina!!!



Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Really? Didnt know about this Fatima Bhutto thing at all!!! Imagine!!!

Vidya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you too!!! Where are you these days? Back in france?? Rem when we were in bombay together, there was no such thing as cell phone.. rather it was only for the elite!!! :)