Monday, February 9, 2009


Utterly utterly fabulous movie!!! Its nothing short of brilliant!!

Of course i went with a positive bias towards the movie.. afterall it got 5 stars in the Times of India review!! Had to be at least good if not brilliant!!

What a movie!!! And you would admire the movie so much more in case you have seen Devdas, the SRK one.. which is not even one tenth.. or one twentieth.. one hundreth of what Dev D is!!!! It gives you all the more reason to cheer... to be astonished at what the director has been able to achieve over here!!!

An amazing story - you think you know what Devdas is about... there will be a Devdas and a Paro and a Chandramukhi.. yes they are all there.. but you will still be surprised!!! Its as if a new story which you vaguely may have heard about but still wonder is it the same story and in the end shake your head wondering more and finally decide yes its the same story actually, is unfolding in front of you!!!

So this Dev D is Devender Singh Dhillon... a strapping young lad who calls his father by name.. and is sent off to london to study... he likes his father's managers girl, Parminder or Paro .. and within the first 10 mins of the movie he is asking Paro " do you touch yourself" and wants to see a nude pic of hers!!!! Not a movie for kids that for sure!!!

They break up over some silly thing.. and Paro gets married to some other guy!! Enter Chandramukhi aka Chanda aka Lenny... she is a school kid who gets caught in the MMS scandal and is sent off to the west... comes to back to India...and gets into "CSW" trade.. that was Commercial Sex Worker which they kindly enlighten us during the movie!! They do not, thankfully, show her dancing and singing... they actually show her cavorting around.. doing role plays pretty much in line with the "realism" shown in the movie!!

Rest of the story follows... Dev lands up with Chanda.. drinks.. is a druggie.. runs over people.

There is a twist in the end which was quite an unexpected but pleasant surprise!!! That i wont reveal, not to worry!!! :)

The people in the movie are all real.. like anyone you might meet on the road as a part of your everyday life... they talk normally.. all dialogues peppered with the F word!!!

The actors are brilliant.. Abhay Deol was fantastic!! He is really good.. and like i said in one of my previous posts.. completely unlike the lineage he belongs too!!! Very refreshing this guy.. i quite like him!!!!! A punjabi lad with his punjabi ways as Dev but who breaks into perfect English time and again (having studied in London)... it is so real!!! And can i just say once again he is brilliant!!!!

Paro and Chanda - fantabulous!!! You couldn't get them more real than this... they definitely are not the prim petite heroines you see in movies.. they give or gave as many gaalis as Dev did!!! And the two women were once again.. brilliant.. i am running short of words really!!! I absolutely adored the girl who played Chanda... what attitude man!!!

Oh and the music, pretty much like the movie - right in your face!!!

The verdict - refreshingly different.. and so totally "now".. definitely worth 5 stars!!! A must watch!!!

And for all you non believers.. well, Indians can make brilliant movies!!!!! A cheap dig, but couldn't resist :)

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